15 декабря 2022 г.

Newtop Rubber

Today I want to talk about the products of the company Newtop Rubber that manufactures silicone and all kinds of products from it. But first, let's try to figure out what silicone is and why this material is great for use in the home, kitchen, baby products and many other areas. 

Silicone is a polymer based on a chain of silicon and oxygen molecules. The material is in demand: in medicine, aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industry, technology and electronics, food Industry and agriculture. Most likely, you already have silicone products at home.

Why is silicone good? This material is durable, resistant to weak alkalis and acids, alcohols, neutral and non-toxic to the human body. Silicone is resistant to radiation and ultraviolet radiation. It has dielectric properties - does not conduct electric current, is chemically inert, retains high elasticity even in fresh and salt water, at low and high temperatures.

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The safety of food grade silicone has been confirmed through numerous tests and studies. As a result, it turned out that silicone is safer for humans than tin, aluminum and certain types of non-stick cookware. In addition, under the influence of the temperature recommended by the manufacturer, silicone does not react in any way with products that come into contact with it, so any chemical reactions leading to unpredictable consequences are excluded. It has also been proven that silicone does not absorb odors, and does not emit them itself either.

Silicone for the kitchen has a pleasant appearance due to the huge selection of shapes and colors. Silicone perfectly withstands both high and low temperatures (down to -30°C), so it can also be used to create funny figures from ice as well. You can use silicone ice tray to get not just the usual cubes or balls, but full-fledged volumetric figures - for example, in the form of flower buds, strawberries, grapes etc.

Silicone is also used for the production of goods for children. This material is completely hypoallergenic. The silicone is very strong and cannot be torn apart and gnaw. At the same time, food-grade silicone has a pleasantly soft and elastic texture. Gently massages gums during teething. And if your baby already has teeth, then silicone will not damage them.  And silicone breast pump is also popular.

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Silicone does not support the growth of germs and bacteria on its surface. Products made of food-grade silicone can be washed in warm soapy water, sterilized at temperatures above 100 degrees (while the silicone does not emit any harmful substances) and frozen at temperatures below -20°C to relieve the baby of pain during teething.

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