10 декабря 2022 г.


Underwear is as important a wardrobe item as shoes or a bag, jeans or outerwear. But unfortunately, it is precisely this element of stylish look that is invisible under clothing that often gets minimal attention. Meanwhile, even underwear has its own trends, which I will talk about today.

The main trend of recent years is undoubtedly minimalism, which makes our life easier, calmer, more comfortable and leaves us more time for ourselves. This also applies to the choice of lingerie sets for women. Currently, the bet is on basic models made of cotton or another stretch fabric, which girls like not only for their stylish look, but also for their comfort. Underwear made of such material is much more comfortable and pleasant for the body than the same lace. For example, online store Cosmolle offers underwear made from collagen polyamide yarn, which are biomimetic fibers with a unique and permanent coating of collagen. 

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Most of the designers of casual clothing simplify kits as much as possible, showing models without additional decor. The trend is minimalistic sets with high-rise panties, as well as as well as sports bra and shorts set. Both classic colors, like white and black , and natural tones are popular. Chocolate, khaki, coffee - take a closer look at these shades when choosing a new set of underwear for yourself.
Specialists in the field of medicine have long argued that underwire bras are unhealthy. Designers quickly adjusted to the new realities and began to produce stylish and comfortable wire-free tops. Sports tops were taken as the basis, which provide chest support.

Some designers develop special technologies, while others demonstrate basic models on thin straps, which perform rather a decorative function. But it should be noted that such models look cool.

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Fashion influencers love this kind of kits. Unlike lace, cotton and stretch sets with tops look sexy, especially on a taut figure. And just the same, they are deprived of the vulgarity that openwork sets can demonstrate. Fashion influencers like to wear these tops instead of tank tops and t-shirts with oversized cardigans and shirts and jackets.

Stretch sets are one of the main trends of the last few seasons. The current models are based on high-waisted panties with a high cut on the thigh, tops instead of bras or even T-shirts and longsleeves like a yoga sets, which turned out to be a stylish and comfortable alternative to a bra.

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Fashionistas choose sets of classic colors: black, white and gray sets are popular. Designers of many lingerie brands expanded their palette of shades and shows candy pink and yellow sets, as well as models of rich orange and trendy green and berry colors. These sets are perfect for everyday wear. They are comfortable and very basic, which means they always look relevant and stylish. Brands create sets with a tank top, crop top or longsleeve. Moreover these can be worn in hot summer instead of home clothes or pajamas.

We are very lucky that now fashion and convenience go hand in hand, so we can not only look stylish, but also choose the most useful outfits for our health. Choose comfortable underwear for everyday life, sports and leisure and wear it with pleasure!

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